Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coming Along......

It`s been a slow process but my studio space is coming along.....The walls are still bare and I`m looking for another piece or too and a chandelier. I just want to take my time and find the right pieces for the amount of room I have.....

(Sorry about the dark picture and messy desk, but wanted to show how the room is coming along)....

I bought the two shabby lingerie chests because I thought they would look great on the sides of my window and I loved all those drawers!

When I saw this buffet and mirror I knew this was the splash of color I needed! I bought this at The Three French Hens in Nolensville, Tn. Stacey and Debbie are the best! They used a new chalk paint and I just love it!

I was so delighted that I found not one, but two Wolf dress forms! I love that one is smaller and the larger one has the metal cage on the bottom! I`m on the lookout for a few more for a special manni lover.(Charlene, I`m lookin` for you)!

Oh yeah, my studio is not the only makeover....This is a new look.....whatdya think??

My hairdresser is the best ever! I made a change to surprise Hubby for our anniversary. He loves it!

Cheryl, you ROCK!!


  1. Hi Kim!
    I am coveting the dress forms!! I would be happy with just one!:)
    And your hair is beautiful! I can see why your hubby likes it! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Ohhhhh, I LOVE those dress forms!!! I'd love to have one . . some day! That blue dresser is fab! Your studio is looking tres marie . . ohh, la la


  3. oh what a fab room.... its incredible... love the do....