Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Bunny Is Coming...And Finished Projects!

See the sweet bunny in the background? She`s on her way to her new home....mine! After looking at Colleen Moody`s beautiful dolls, this sweet bunny kept calling me. I`ve been collecting bunnies for years and she`ll fit right in. Isn`t she sweet?

Moulin Rouge projects:

Kerry Lynn Yeary`s class was wonderful...they all were! I had to put my personal touch on this. I tried the red and black, but the pink and blues won. I still kept a touch of the Moulin colors....I love it. It`s hanging in my kitchen and being used!

I Colleen Moody`s class was a little challenging. I am NO painter. I painted this little Diva`s face four times. With a little help from Colleen, I was happy with it. I decided she was a ballerina and went with pink! I bought the silk with lace at the Vignette antique store in California.....

With her toe shoes on, my little ballerina is ready to dance on her stage. She really is a Diva isn`t she?

I`m finishing my last project .....Jenny and Aaron`s CanCan Collage....more tomorrow!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pink Saturday!

In an earlier post I showed creating with crepe paper. These are the paper dolls that go with the skirts! Meet Pinkie and Violet. I love playing with dolls, and paper dolls are so fun to create. I created their stands using recycled treasures....more on that later! I am linking to Beverly`s Pink Saturday...go over to take a peek at the pretties!
Have a wonderful Saturday.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Class with Shea and Debbie...Moulin Style.....

This little ruffle flower had a zipper in the back. It held all our goodies to make this incredible necklace....

The wonderful kit included these gorgeous crystals and rhinestone finding. Shea and Debbie made it so easy to assemble...

Sweet Kim Caldwell and Shea. Incredible Hostess and incredible jeweler! I loved Shea and Debbie`s class. I even learned how to wire wrap! Whoo hoooo...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ooooh La La... Moulin Rouge!!

Kim Caldwell`s event was so over the top marvelous! I was so blessed to be able to attend. I will surely not miss it next year! Every attention to detail...perfection.....

My sweet "Bestie" LuLu Kellogg... Such a treat to share classes with her although never enough time to catch up. I met so many beautiful and talented women. It was quite overwhelming....

I finally got to meet my blog friend, Holly Stinnett. What a doll!

Michele Duke was such a sweetheart. Personality plus! Fun to be around.

Sweet Debbie. What a jewelry artist she is! It was such a pleasure getting to know such a kind hearted person! Her ballerina necklaces are gorgeous!

I met a new sister in this beautiful and so talented lady on the left. I met Sherry at the elevator and we became instant friends. Love her to pieces! Miss Christine was so elegant and a talented lady. I loved our make and take....(more on that later)....

See what I mean? Instant sisters. Wearing the same colors...blonde....crazy.....Yep, we are so alike!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Showing Some Green!

Everyone needs a little leprechaun sitting around for St Patrick`s Day! This is a Mark Roberts Fairy.

Of course there had to be a hat or two! I love little "dangly" buds hanging off the brims. Such character back in the day......

My favorite flower pot just waiting for the real green. This will do for now.

A small portion of a large oil painting in my foyer. I love how the grapes look so real.

Two of these french topiaries adorn my eating area. I love to decorate them according to the season.

I absolutely love my Keurig! I no longer drink the coffee, but the Bigelow organic green tea is the best!
So show a little green for St. Patrick`s Day! Even though it might not be your favorite color, you`d be surprised how much you have surrounding you! I was.....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday!

Ahhhh peonies! They are one of my favorite flowers. Of course they have to be pink. I`m waiting patiently for the real thing to bloom.....Until then, I`ll keep these crepe paper ones I made last year close by for decor. I love my beautiful hand painted Fenton vase my sweet mother gave me a couple of years ago.....
I`m linking to Beverly`s Pink Saturday...enjoy!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Years ago I wouldn`t have thought a minute about dark and aged metals for jewelry. Although shiny silver is still attractive, I wanted to age these pendants for some frozen charlotte necklaces. So.....I remembered a few years ago playing with liver of sulfer. By following directions, you can get the patina you want....

The hotter the water solution, the faster your metal will turn dark. With cool water you have more time to age your metal. I discovered if you get it too dark, just use an old toothbrush and a little CLR and the darker patina will fade to a nickel finish. It`s really fun to watch the transformation!

These two pendants are just a shade different in patina. The one on the right is darker. I loved experimenting with different findings and pendants. Give it a try... you`ll love the results!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday Finds!

On this trek I found a fabulous vintage net lace curtain panel! The several bundled laces I bought from a friend`s booth and got them for a song....love that! A sweet vintage teacup and a hat with huge pink velvet flowers.

I found this Marie hand mirror that I`ll alter. I found one earlier in the year. (Older post). What are the chances of finding another Marie mirror and Ostrich feathers? That`s what I love about the hunt.

When I saw these two very vintage hat stands I had to have them. They were in separate booths so I almost didn`t see the shorter one. Of course any time I see these story book dolls at a cheap price I buy them. I love her white hair....

Off to another adventure in treasure hunting. I`m meeting a friend tomorrow and I hope I can show her around! Happy treasure hunting.....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crepe Paper Fun!

Who doesn`t love ruffles? These ruffley skirts were made for paper dolls. I bought all different colors of ruffled crepe paper on etsy and have been playing with it since last year....

The crepe paper roses and this easy cake plate were part of a workshop I taught last year.
Plate: one dollar, candlestick: one dollar, one yard of sewn ruffled crepe paper: four dollars... Making a cake plate to match your Holidays.....Priceless!

This tiny peep basket was inspired by Julie Collins. She had a tutorial on nut cup baskets and this is mine. One of several colors..... (A little green for t. Patrick`s Day)!

Finally, I collect vintage crepe paper nut cups. Love them! There`s something about the look and feel of vintage....you know what I mean!
(Photo blurry. UGH... working on another camera soon)