Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Showing Some Green!

Everyone needs a little leprechaun sitting around for St Patrick`s Day! This is a Mark Roberts Fairy.

Of course there had to be a hat or two! I love little "dangly" buds hanging off the brims. Such character back in the day......

My favorite flower pot just waiting for the real green. This will do for now.

A small portion of a large oil painting in my foyer. I love how the grapes look so real.

Two of these french topiaries adorn my eating area. I love to decorate them according to the season.

I absolutely love my Keurig! I no longer drink the coffee, but the Bigelow organic green tea is the best!
So show a little green for St. Patrick`s Day! Even though it might not be your favorite color, you`d be surprised how much you have surrounding you! I was.....


  1. I'm ashamed of my Irish self. St. Patty's is tomorrow and I've been so focused on Easter and Spring I forgot! Ohhhh, my ancestors would probably be ready to strategically place a potato somewhere where the sun doesn't shine!

  2. So many pretty things in this post!! I ADORE the hats and that fairy is just too cute!!


  3. I just love all your photos but the hats are very appealing.