Friday, March 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday Finds!

On this trek I found a fabulous vintage net lace curtain panel! The several bundled laces I bought from a friend`s booth and got them for a that! A sweet vintage teacup and a hat with huge pink velvet flowers.

I found this Marie hand mirror that I`ll alter. I found one earlier in the year. (Older post). What are the chances of finding another Marie mirror and Ostrich feathers? That`s what I love about the hunt.

When I saw these two very vintage hat stands I had to have them. They were in separate booths so I almost didn`t see the shorter one. Of course any time I see these story book dolls at a cheap price I buy them. I love her white hair....

Off to another adventure in treasure hunting. I`m meeting a friend tomorrow and I hope I can show her around! Happy treasure hunting.....


  1. I love all your finds! I can't wait for us to go shopping so I find some bling!!


  2. What wonderful treasures you found. That little gray haired doll looks like