Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Years ago I wouldn`t have thought a minute about dark and aged metals for jewelry. Although shiny silver is still attractive, I wanted to age these pendants for some frozen charlotte necklaces. So.....I remembered a few years ago playing with liver of sulfer. By following directions, you can get the patina you want....

The hotter the water solution, the faster your metal will turn dark. With cool water you have more time to age your metal. I discovered if you get it too dark, just use an old toothbrush and a little CLR and the darker patina will fade to a nickel finish. It`s really fun to watch the transformation!

These two pendants are just a shade different in patina. The one on the right is darker. I loved experimenting with different findings and pendants. Give it a try... you`ll love the results!


  1. How cool is this!!!! I'll have to remember this for the future!

    I just got a call from one of the stores I frequent telling me she found me some old beat up pocketwatches! I can't wait to go get them as this is what I wantd to do with them, put frozen Charlottes in them!!


  2. Oh, how cool are these?!!! I love learning things from other artists.

  3. They are really great looking.

  4. Hi Kim,
    I just love the frozen charlotte necklaces you made! Thanks for sharing the tip on aging the metal piece.