Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Bunny Is Coming...And Finished Projects!

See the sweet bunny in the background? She`s on her way to her new home....mine! After looking at Colleen Moody`s beautiful dolls, this sweet bunny kept calling me. I`ve been collecting bunnies for years and she`ll fit right in. Isn`t she sweet?

Moulin Rouge projects:

Kerry Lynn Yeary`s class was wonderful...they all were! I had to put my personal touch on this. I tried the red and black, but the pink and blues won. I still kept a touch of the Moulin colors....I love it. It`s hanging in my kitchen and being used!

I Colleen Moody`s class was a little challenging. I am NO painter. I painted this little Diva`s face four times. With a little help from Colleen, I was happy with it. I decided she was a ballerina and went with pink! I bought the silk with lace at the Vignette antique store in California.....

With her toe shoes on, my little ballerina is ready to dance on her stage. She really is a Diva isn`t she?

I`m finishing my last project .....Jenny and Aaron`s CanCan Collage....more tomorrow!


  1. What gorgeous projects! And I do love your bunny. She's beautiful.

  2. Hi Miss Kim,
    It was such a pleasure to finally meet you in person at Moulin Rouge! I wish it could have lasted longer as there just wasn't enough time to chit chat!

    I loved looking at your other blog posts and seeing all the pretty pictures. And I can't believe how g o r g e o u s your class projects turned out! You really added your special touch!

    Hope you're having a good week Sweetie.


  3. That pink silk is just gorgeous on the stage!

  4. Your personal touches are the best!!! Glad you like the tea tin and goodies!!

  5. Hi Kim!

    Guess what showed up yesterday?! What a truly amazing Easter tree. Now that took an artistic eye for sure. Is it your own creation or did you see something like it before? So fun!!!

    I was sooooo worried when I got the box. I thought for sure whatever was inside was broken because it sounded like pieces of glass. Turns out, it was just the little trinkets.

    Thanks for a fun swap. Nic's been sick with the croup and just got me sick so getting something special in the mail was extra nice.