Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Day At The Antique Glade

Janet Stevens is the Proprietor of The Antique Glade. She`s a real sweetie! Her antique store is full of beautiful displays and antique items. Janet has a way of taking vintage items, displaying them, then making it look like it came out of a magazine! Here`s some photos of her store:

This piece has my name on it. Painted a chippy white? Do you love all those drawers with those knobs!!

Janet is a true collector like most of us who love all the bling and baubles!
The Antique Glade is located at: 147 Public Square Lebanon, Tn.

If you`re ever in the Lebanon,Tn. area stop by the square and take a walk through The Antique Glade for a glimpse of vintage finds and beautiful antique jewelry and furniture.

Monday, November 29, 2010


My husband took me to the grand reopening of the Opryland Hotel last Saturday night. It was truly fabulous! Dinner at Ravello`s was wonderful. It was a different type of Italian food.
For those of you who might not know, this beautiful historic hotel was severely damaged in the flood in May of this year.
Enjoy the following photos of the some new sights in the hotel...

This beautiful glass art was featured at Cheekwood. It was amazing!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Day At Three French Hens

Stacey and Debbie at Three French Hens are the sweetest girls you`ll meet in Nolensville, Tn!
They also have another store, The Roost.
They blessed me so much by purchasing some of my charlotte jewelry and other crafts I made. What an honor!

These gals are super crafty themselves. Here are some photos of displays and awesome furniture they paint:

A Christmas tree made from a fisherman`s net! How clever!

I`ve got my eye on this beauty! How about that chippy window!

How sweet is this?

Just as I was ready to go out the door, I spied this vintage velvet top on a dress form. I knew it was going home with me if it fit. I love the color!

So many beautiful things, I wanted to take them all home! If you`re in the Nolensville area, stop by The Three French Hens and The Roost. It`s worth the trip!


Come join us at 1028 Sugartree Lane in Gallatin, Tn. every Friday until Christmas for a fun, creative, home made Christmas Bazaar!
You`ll find fine craftsmanship and vintage items galore! Hosted by my sweet friend, Pat Kirby.
This sweet cottage is right in the back of her home and she welcomes all of you with a warm heart and open arms.....

Just a few originals by my friend, Peggy Vessels... (On my left) These are adorable!

Diane Edgerton is another new friend who had a beautiful display.

Gina Lewis was a real sweetie, she took one of my pocket purses home with her!

These two gals make wonderful soaps! They are all packaged so sweetly. What a perfect gift!

A beautiful array of food was available for everyone! Pat made sure you didn`t go away hungry!

....So if you`re in the Gallatin or Nashville area, please stop by for a special gift for that special person in your life.
The day will be full of fun, food, and fellowship!
Hope to see you soon....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thank you for your prayers and emails dear friends!

Kacy is alot better but still sore. Please keep him lifted up. There is so much power in prayer!

Time heals all wounds.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Praying For Kacy......

With blurry eyes and a heavy heart, I`m posting this prayer request today.
My middle son, Kacy, was hit by a taxi last night and totaled his car.
No drugs or alcohol involved- the taxi driver hit Kacy going 70mph as Kacy was turning a corner going 20mph.
He was rushed by ambulance to Baptist hosp. for head injuries.
No broken bones in his neck or concussion. He never vomited until we were almost home. (Caused by head injuries).
He`s sleeping and still foggy and in pain. My prayer request from all my blog friends is PLEASE pray for a fast recovery and favor for the results of tests, insurance claims, and a bright future.
He was starting a new job next week, now no car.
He is enlisting in the National Guard, now we`ll have to wait for test results and follow ups maybe therapy.
I just know I was going to post a Big Happy Thanksgiving to all. Now I`m just posting to say how TRULY thankful I am that I have my beautiful boy here with me!

Thanks for reading.
This was therapy for me today.
God Bless!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unique Antiques In Watertown

Jim`s Antiques; what a delightful guy! I love old bottles and he sure had them. As I left he handed me one with no charge. What a deal. Of course, I left with an arm full of bottles.
A few more shots of his store...

The next stop is a little sweet store where I met Mrs. Ann. Here are some displays there...

A child`s hat box?? Really? This is the first one I`ve seen!

I took the hat box home along with the blue box and of course the hat.

Notice that sweet jabot on the dress form? Yep, I took that home. It has the original clip too! At $6 I thought it was a good buy.

A few vintage shoe displays....
The photos belong to these shoes. How adorable is That?

A wedding vignette. I can imagine this sweet young girl getting ready for her wedding.
Sadly I didn`t take any shoes home. Pricey at $85.00 to $135.00.

Part of the thrill for me when antique shopping and buying, is looking at the past and wondering about peoples lives and what they were doing and taking some of their treasures home with me!