Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unique Antiques In Watertown

Jim`s Antiques; what a delightful guy! I love old bottles and he sure had them. As I left he handed me one with no charge. What a deal. Of course, I left with an arm full of bottles.
A few more shots of his store...

The next stop is a little sweet store where I met Mrs. Ann. Here are some displays there...

A child`s hat box?? Really? This is the first one I`ve seen!

I took the hat box home along with the blue box and of course the hat.

Notice that sweet jabot on the dress form? Yep, I took that home. It has the original clip too! At $6 I thought it was a good buy.

A few vintage shoe displays....
The photos belong to these shoes. How adorable is That?

A wedding vignette. I can imagine this sweet young girl getting ready for her wedding.
Sadly I didn`t take any shoes home. Pricey at $85.00 to $135.00.

Part of the thrill for me when antique shopping and buying, is looking at the past and wondering about peoples lives and what they were doing and taking some of their treasures home with me!


  1. That child's hat box was darling! Love all your finds. I can't wait to come in July and be able to go to some of these places!


  2. Just love all your photos, welcome to blog land i see your new too! Look forward to reading/seeing more from you! xXx