Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gifts And Swaps: Bella Style

My roommate gift from Kana Conger. She knows I`m a pink girl and I love birds! I love it all and can`t wait to play with it! Thank you sweet Kana!

A great mug and beautiful hair pin from my sweet L1l' Sis, Laura Kaufman. I love them both!

A beautiful necklace from cutie pie Lulu Kellogg and a sweet hair clip from Shelly Rollins. Gifts are even sweeter when there`s no expecting them.

This was my wrapped bottle for the one on one Altered Bottle swap and a little gift for our hostess.

Here it is out of the wrapping. I hope she liked it!

This is Merry Gray my swap partner. She was so sweet and I was so glad to meet her!

This is the box MY bottle came in. Is that little face adorable or what? Jackie Peters made my bottle. It`s amazing!

The inside of the box was amazing too!

This is my awesome altered bottle! I just adore it! Isn`t it awesome?

This is sweet Jackie. She is so adorable and so very talented! Thank you, Jackie for my awesome bottle! (By that look on my face, I was at a loss for words)!

This wrapped beauty was from our hostess.....

This is the beautiful bottle our hostess, Julie Jones made me. I love it!

This was just the begining of a wonderful, fantastastic, and creative weekend! More swaps to come..... Then there were the classes!


  1. Great blog post Kim! Looks like an amazing time and such pretty things. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Yikes, Kim, what beautiful things you got! I am dazzled! Merry and Julie were my little sisters. Nice, nice women! I thank you for telling me about Bioessense and I am going to look into it! You were so kind to approach me and I thank you so much!