Sunday, November 7, 2010

I`ve Been Crowned!

About a month or so ago my friend Sue asked me if I would like some crowns she had in her stash. Of course I said sure and forgot about it....Until yesterday.
Sue took out a bag full of rhinestone crowns of all shapes and sizes. My Silver Bella heart jumped for joy! Bella girls love crowns. What a treasure!
Sue is such a precious friend. (Thank you Sue for sharing). I am so blessed with friends I adore. I can`t wait to meet new ones at Silver Bella. I`ll be leaving in Three days!


  1. My Silver Bella heart is totally blown away! Those are amazing! I have two wonderful crown pins but this whole stash...they are incredible!!!


  2. Oh, Kim. I was happy to share them with you. That's what our friendship is all about.