Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Party Continues.....

Just call me Cleo! I loved being a burnette for one night. (I think my husband liked it too)!

My husband the Genie. (I heard male genies are called Gens).
Brenda, the hostess with the mostess! Can`t wait to see what she brews up next year.


Last night my friends Brenda and Donald hosted the most amazing Halloween party ever! Brenda paid every attention to details. That`s what she does! The food, the decorations, the music was second to none. They made all the gouls and gals feel welcome. I`ll let the photos speak for themselves. Can you guess what characters my husband and I were??

Brenda was hastily preparing the last minute items for the bean dip before all the guests arrived.This is Brenda`s husband, Donald. Aren`t they incredidable pirates?

This fellow was wearing cereal boxes around his neck that he had eaten. He was a "cereal" killer.

Rick and his friend were awesome! Rick admitted he would never dress as a female witch again!

Who`s that behind the curtain?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vintage Finds Old And New

I`ve been going through my finds and collections and stumbled across some things I`ll be sharing at Bella Market. I`ve been collecting since I was a child. Sometimes I store my treasures and go on to the next project. Here are some wonderful ephemera and a few new finds.
A sweet flower book that a little girl signed her name in. Rachel Dwinell age 10. Isn`t that sweet? I forgot I had this. The images are beautiful and would be great to make a garden book or craft.

Some miniature books that my friends and I have used to craft with.
I love vintage photos with names printed somewhere. This is "Mary". An old envelope, and wonderful vintage fairy bookplates.

Wondeful Victorian book pages. Embossed and fragile. I made copies of these for crafting. Another favorite vintage photo. I wish I knew her name.More of my victorian scraps. I adhered them to paper so I could have them copied. If you look closely, you can see how they are embossed.

I found these Victorian photo mats in Watertown, Tn. at an antique shop. They were gently tucked away. I`m glad I found them. The graphics are beautiful.
I love birds! These are pages from some vintage bird books. They make a great cover for a book or collaged piece.
These postcards were never used. Great for journalling.

Can you have too many ledger books? I found some parts of books I thought I lost!

The few new finds. This beautiful sprig of velvet and satin with berries was found at a little antique shop in Goodlettsville along with this inkwell! It` so thrilling to find great things at a great price.... The old quilt in the background has been cut and will be on the flight to Omaha!
...Now to go back to more buried treasures. Isn`t it funny how you can find things when you`re sorting out?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cream and White

Cream and sugar for your tea? Who doesn`t love cream and white? It`s such a soft combination. I found these vintage hats at various antique shops and flea markets. I played with them and I believe the top right is my favorite. So if you`re near the Nashville area, stop by and have a cup of tea with me. You can wear the hat of your choice!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today my electricity went off for a couple of hours.With no tools but e6000 and pliers, I decided to do some crafting. I bought some charlotte heads a while back and didn`t know what to do with them. I also collect bottles so I decided to put the two together...
My first Bella Bottle. She`s adorned with vintage french tulle lace, rhinestones, and mother of pearl rosary.

Bitty Bella Bottles. The left one is wearing a Victorian pin that can be removed. She can share with her owner! She`s adorned with beautiful tulle lace and mother of pearl rosary. The blonde is wearing a pink glass rosary with a rhinestone ball dangle. She has a vintage perfume label adorning her body. (I collect these too and this is a copy).
Itty Bitty Bella Bottles. Adorable tiny depression glass bottles adorned with lace and rhinestone necklaces.
Here are the Bella Bottles gathered together for a trip to Omaha. The girls are headed for Silver Bella. They will be snuggled and wrapped for their long journey. I enjoyed making them- they make me smile. I hope they made you smile too!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Vintage Collectables and Recycled Treasures

I love vintage Victorian laces and cottons. I found this Victorian night gown last week, washed it, wore it, love it! The only thing that made it sweeter was....
The matching bloomers! The silk ribbons are wonderful. A little delicate, but just precious. I probably won`t wear them. I want to find a vintage pink hanger to display them.
Some wonderful collectables found at the flea market.

Some more wonderful collectables from the flea market and earlier finds. I love vintage inkwells with the tops. A vintage chatelain purse along with two victorian women`s purses. A sweet little pink hankerchief from Mae West`s estate.

Recycled treasures: I love to have my favorite things around me. I covered these cans with my wallpapers to hold small rolls at my fingertips. I kinda got carried away with all the trims and laces and stored them temporarily. Can you guess what these cans were??

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Quaint Little Town

Last weekend my husband and I took off and went to Clinton, Tenn. It`s known for the 14 antique stores and malls. On the first weekend in Ocotober they have an Antique Fair where 10,000 people fill this one small strip of shops. One hundred or so vendors line the street. Even though we missed the BIG weekend, I still found several things to take home.
The people are so sweet and friendly. The shops had every thing from large beautiful furniture to small little collectables that I love. I left with a few hats, baubles, and a warm friendly feeling. We`ll be back in time next year!

A worn out look and a little dirt show the signs of some good buys and a good time!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gypsy Moon

My friend Brenda opened a new store in Watertown, Tn. called Gypsy Moon. (The name came from the awesome moons she makes shown in earlier post). The store is fabulous! She is great when it comes to decorating and displaying. Her shop has alot of wonderful things. These photos were taken so quickly on the way to Clinton, Tn. that I didn`t have time to take pictures of all the collectables and vintage items she had. I can`t wait until she has her open house!