Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today my electricity went off for a couple of hours.With no tools but e6000 and pliers, I decided to do some crafting. I bought some charlotte heads a while back and didn`t know what to do with them. I also collect bottles so I decided to put the two together...
My first Bella Bottle. She`s adorned with vintage french tulle lace, rhinestones, and mother of pearl rosary.

Bitty Bella Bottles. The left one is wearing a Victorian pin that can be removed. She can share with her owner! She`s adorned with beautiful tulle lace and mother of pearl rosary. The blonde is wearing a pink glass rosary with a rhinestone ball dangle. She has a vintage perfume label adorning her body. (I collect these too and this is a copy).
Itty Bitty Bella Bottles. Adorable tiny depression glass bottles adorned with lace and rhinestone necklaces.
Here are the Bella Bottles gathered together for a trip to Omaha. The girls are headed for Silver Bella. They will be snuggled and wrapped for their long journey. I enjoyed making them- they make me smile. I hope they made you smile too!


  1. Ohhhh Kim, they are darling! Silver Bella is coming up fast! I need to start getting my supply list together!


  2. These are so sweet...I will be at Silver Bella too and hopefully we will get a chance to meet.

    Have enjoyed visiting your blog this morning...