Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Few Peeks Of Silver Bella Items

These vintage film shippers are amazing! Great for storing wallpaper or photos.
Just a preview of jewlery findings, lockets, and cabachons from my years of collecting.

I am such a lover of vintage floral hats. I have alot of millinery for sale.
A few of the many laces and trims from Mae West`s estate I bought from a woman that while in California, bought everything she could at Mae West`s home estate sale years ago! It`s amazing!
Just a small asortment of the rhinestone bling we all love!
Just a peek of some work in progress, trinkets, treasures, and jewelry findings I`ve collected over time. I`ll have wallpapers and collage prints of collections as well. Come see me if you`re coming to Silver Bella`s Vendors Night! It`ll be a BLAST!!


  1. Oh Kim...I can't wait for Vendor night! have a ton of yummy things!

    Great job on adding your pictures!! YIPPEE!

    I can't wait to see you!


  2. Mae West? How cool! All of this is just beautiful!

  3. I will definitely find you at Vendor Night. Love that you have items that belonged to Mae West...Very cool...