Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vintage Finds Old And New

I`ve been going through my finds and collections and stumbled across some things I`ll be sharing at Bella Market. I`ve been collecting since I was a child. Sometimes I store my treasures and go on to the next project. Here are some wonderful ephemera and a few new finds.
A sweet flower book that a little girl signed her name in. Rachel Dwinell age 10. Isn`t that sweet? I forgot I had this. The images are beautiful and would be great to make a garden book or craft.

Some miniature books that my friends and I have used to craft with.
I love vintage photos with names printed somewhere. This is "Mary". An old envelope, and wonderful vintage fairy bookplates.

Wondeful Victorian book pages. Embossed and fragile. I made copies of these for crafting. Another favorite vintage photo. I wish I knew her name.More of my victorian scraps. I adhered them to paper so I could have them copied. If you look closely, you can see how they are embossed.

I found these Victorian photo mats in Watertown, Tn. at an antique shop. They were gently tucked away. I`m glad I found them. The graphics are beautiful.
I love birds! These are pages from some vintage bird books. They make a great cover for a book or collaged piece.
These postcards were never used. Great for journalling.

Can you have too many ledger books? I found some parts of books I thought I lost!

The few new finds. This beautiful sprig of velvet and satin with berries was found at a little antique shop in Goodlettsville along with this inkwell! It` so thrilling to find great things at a great price.... The old quilt in the background has been cut and will be on the flight to Omaha!
...Now to go back to more buried treasures. Isn`t it funny how you can find things when you`re sorting out?

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