Friday, October 22, 2010

A Gothic Garland

About a month or so ago, I purchased an online class with Karla Nathan (Karla`s Cottage). It was the most wonderful class! Just the downloads alone were worth way more than the $25.00 fee. My friend Brenda and I shared the cost of the class and the printing. I LOVE my garland and still working on a book. Here are a few photos of the garland and my Halloween home.
I needed more tulle but never got to Joanne`s to buy more. There`s always next year...
Using vintage collars is one of my favorite things to use with art. I love the feminine look and how it flows.
Of course the millinery and laces help with the vintage gothic look.

Karla and Beth made it so easy to get ideas, copy them, then make them your own.

My friend Brenda had way too much fun!! Isn`t she adorable? She is one of the most talented persons I know when it comes to decorating and crafting. She just opened her shop in Watertown, Tn. It`s called Gypsy Moon. I`ll have photos tomorrow.
This is one of Brenda`s moons she made. He greets you as you come into my home!

I made this little Halloween accent incorporating an idea from Rebecca Sower`s Silver Bella class last year. I used a Halloween music background from Karla`s online class. I love Halloween more and more each year. No boys at home any longer, but my husband and I love the whimsy of it all!


  1. I love all the creations Kim! I took that online class too but have not gotten around it creating from it yet since I just got done with my show. I hope to have time to myself now before Silver Bella to play with all my tutorials!


  2. Kim,

    Your banner is great and it looks like you and Brenda had a wonderful time creating together!!

  3. OH Kim your banner turned out so pretty. I'm so happy to see your blogging away... have a fun weekend.