Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ooooh La La... Moulin Rouge!!

Kim Caldwell`s event was so over the top marvelous! I was so blessed to be able to attend. I will surely not miss it next year! Every attention to detail...perfection.....

My sweet "Bestie" LuLu Kellogg... Such a treat to share classes with her although never enough time to catch up. I met so many beautiful and talented women. It was quite overwhelming....

I finally got to meet my blog friend, Holly Stinnett. What a doll!

Michele Duke was such a sweetheart. Personality plus! Fun to be around.

Sweet Debbie. What a jewelry artist she is! It was such a pleasure getting to know such a kind hearted person! Her ballerina necklaces are gorgeous!

I met a new sister in this beautiful and so talented lady on the left. I met Sherry at the elevator and we became instant friends. Love her to pieces! Miss Christine was so elegant and a talented lady. I loved our make and take....(more on that later)....

See what I mean? Instant sisters. Wearing the same colors...blonde....crazy.....Yep, we are so alike!



  1. Oh, what fun!!!! Lulu is still here with me. She'll be heading home tomorrow. I am going to MISS her!!! Isn't Sherry a sweetie pie! I LOVE her to pieces!!!


  2. Yes, instant sisters is what we are! We had so much fun just not enough time to spend together. That's okay though...I'll be seeing you and LuLu in July! Can't wait!!

    lot of huggggzzzzz,

  3. What a fun time we had girlfriend. I am just now getting well. Did all your luggage make it home? HUGS!