Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Every one who knows my Mom knows she conquered terminal lung cancer.... I surprised her for her 75th birthday with my two sisters flying down and a party! I wanted to celebrate her life and have some close friends and family here....

I wanted to share just a few pictures of the celebration and the fun we had ...

My baby sister, Karen, flew from Texas and my sister, Robin, flew in from Philadelphia. I have some beautiful sisters... I miss them already.

Kathy and Chantal are two of Mom`s friends who came to celebrate. I haven`t seen these two lovelies in quite some time....

Friends, family, food, and fun! That`s what birthdays are all about. My Mom is such a blessings to me. I want to celebrate many more with her!

Happy, Happy Birthday Mom!!

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  1. I am thrilled you got to spend such a wonderful day together! It is great your sisters got to come!