Friday, April 13, 2012

Victorian And Vintage Laces....Another Weakness

I have been blogging and talking about The Strawberry Patch Barn Sale for the last two weeks. I have had several of you ask about selling some of my laces there. I will have sweet little packages available for sale in my booth...Just a small way to share the love of vintage Victorian laces. Here are some of my collections that I`ll display at my booth....

P.S. I`ve had alot of inquiries about where the Barn Sale is located. The address is: 1272 Starlite Rd. The Barn is actually on Starlite Farm! You just can`t miss this one girls! Food, music, and chic shabbiness...

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  1. Hi Kimmy!!

    Absolutely lovely laces. It's a good thing it's Springtime because I'm wearing the greenest of all colors right now!