Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Black and White

I met Shari Baldy in LA at Kim Caldwell`s Moulin Rouge event. When I came home I joined The Fairy Society Academy. I have been looking at the online class to make these crowns and was just waiting to find time to sign up and start! I joined today and these are the frames.
The black one took a life of it`s own so it`ll be a Halloween crown. The white one will be a summer crown. I haven`t decided to keep it white or add an antique finish.
I love this challenge! Check with me later to see the finished results....


  1. These are wonderful!! Aren't these fun?

    I am loving that you did a white one!!

    Love you Kim!

  2. Oh those are cute!! I LOVE them!! And the black one is sooo cute...perfect for Halloween! I will be excited to see what you do with the white one!

  3. Hi Kim
    I have been wanting to sign up for Shari class too! Looks so fun.
    I've just been so busy moving my store to a new location I would love to finish my Moulin Rouge projects first. Can't wait to see what you do with these