Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little bit of this and that...

I bought this paper mache bird at Michaels and didn`t know when I would do anything with it. So...I took a little bit of this vintage net lace with embroidery.....

A little bit of this wonderful shredded tulle/lace trim from Shea.....A bit of the wallpaper in the background. ....(My favorite vintage wallpaper)....

.....And ALOT of this. My favorite decoupage glue by far! I make the biggest messes but I love to play with paper.....

All the mess and glue to make this "tweet" bird for a special friend. I decoupaged the bird with my vintage wallpaper, while the glue was still very wet, I covered it with the embroidered net lace, cutting the design as I went, then used Shea`s trim and a cut-up blue vintage satin and velvet flower for nesting. I glued everything on top of a plain unstained candlestick that I painted and added a vintage velvet pink bloom just for fun.

Then my husband just simply asked,"Why don`t you just buy her something?" What??? And miss all the fun of creating? He knew the answer all the time!


  1. This is so beautiful!! I LOVE it!! What a special gift. Anyone can buy anything from a store, but something is crafted from the heart there is nothing more special!!
    It's absolutely beautiful!! And it would look great on my mantle!
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Kim,
    That is wonderful! I got two of those birds at Michaels. I was sure I was going to make something beautiful with them but I haven't yet :-)
    You did a great job! I love your bird. There is nothing more wonderful than handcrafted gifts, I think. I am anxious to try that decoupage glue. I am not crazy about ModPodge at all. I used to have to have a Japanese one that I got at a paper store...very nice finish. but the store closed and I forgot the name!!!
    Thank you, my friend, for your prayers!!!
    Big hugs,

  3. What a GREAT idea! It's so simple and sweet and springtimeish!

    Why is the Martha Stewart glue the best? I've been using Modge Podge and it's ok, but wouldn't mind trying MS, she's just alot more expensive.