Thursday, December 2, 2010

A True Artisan...

Have you heard of anyone carving a santa face out of a vintage spool?? Me either. Jill Motovidlak is a true artist! Look at the detail! I loved this little guy with the pink tree! Jill threw the beautiful blue tree in the box. That was just an extra. How sweet was that?

This is the sweet little vintage bird fur clip on top of the tree. I love pink and I love birds- I had to have this too!

Jill is a sweet girl with small children. I don`t know where she finds the time to create art... When she does it`s truly amazing!
Check out Jill`s etsy shop here.
She has some adorable carved santas just waitng for a new home!


  1. Well, THANK YOU for making me cry this late at night!!

    Seriously, thank you for your kinds words and LOVE that my work has gone somewhere where it will be appreciated.

    It's not always easy creating with having two young children, but it's breathed new life into me after years of just taking care of babies.

    One of my favorite quotes is, "Soli Deo Gloria", which means, "To God alone, the Glory." I like to think I'm just His instrument and He's working through me to create this folk art. I'm the lucky one who gets the credit, but it really belongs to Him. : )

  2. WoW Kim Love the carved spool, very unique item you have there!The bird and mini trees are just Deeeevine!I've never seen anything like that here.