Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sweet Faces...

Every other month my friend, Jill and I swap art. This was the front and back of a sweet art journal she made me! I love sweet faces.....
The doll head was a purchase in Dallas. They all make me smile.

I hope you have a sweet face near you that makes you smile!

I am linking to Pink Saturday....Beverly`s blog is such eye candy!


  1. I love journals, my friend in MS. an I trade them all the time - this one is so sweet! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a fun pink weekend!

  2. Happy Pink Saturday. Nice items. Will you make a doll body for your doll head? That's a great idea to swap art - neat to have a friend who can and does! (Blessings!) Enjoyed my visit. Thanks, Jenn

  3. I love the journals and that head is fabulous!

    Pink Sparkles for your week,
    Stephanie Suzanne ♥

  4. I miss my sweet doll head......if she ever wants to come back to "Arlington", I will welcome her with open arms :)