Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lookie What I`ve Learned!.....

I`ve been taking a class close where I live for the last month and this is a six week course! Our incredible instructor is Fran and she does some beautiful work!
The classes have been all about the artistry of jewelry. Here is what I`ve learned.....

I took raw cuts of copper, etched and colored them, and then turned them into these cuffs.....

I never knew you could take 18 gauge wire and make these Cleopatra Coils! One is copper that is nickel free and lead free, the other sterling over copper....

Metal smithing maybe not be my favorite. I took a piece of copper, drew the design, cut it, hammered it, torched it and formed it into these calla lillies. You have to use alot of muscle. Twisting and turning the metal was hard on my joints. I love the finished project though!

I love learning new techniques and making new friends. I`ve met some incredibly talented jewelers at these classes. I look so forward to others in the future.... Two more weeks....Next up is PMC and Copper!


  1. i am dying to learn this technique myself... your cuffs turned out amazing

  2. Wow....this stuff all reminds me of you. What a neat class. Glad to see you are able to comment on the blogs again...that is such a special part of my day.....reading your comments.

  3. Wow,
    You are always up to something wonderful.
    Now I know why you have not been "sighted" at the Rare Bird you are missed. I came back from the Worlds Longest Yard Sale this month with 50 Hats yes 50...did you go??? Were you there???
    There was Antique French Lace too and I thought of you.
    Can't wait to see what you create next. Post lots of pictures for us all.

  4. Fabulous, Kim. You really made some super things. I really want to learn to copper etch some time. It's just getting all the stuff together!!!