Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mermaid Love......

I have enjoyed playing with
Catherine Moore`s stamps! When I saw these mermaids, I knew I had to have them! I stamped the images and then created this canvas.
I found the sweet mermaid soap dish at a local antique shop for 60% off! How cute is she??

Last year I created this piece to display some of my photos from Sanibel Island and some sweet mermaids. It hangs in my bathroom. I love to recap the great memories and look at my mermaid art! It helps to have a little whimsy around...Life is serious enough!

I hope you have a little whimsy around your house too. It helps to put a smile on your face on even the most serious days....


  1. Hi Kim love your mermaids!
    And that soap dish is the cutest!
    Above my computer on my bulletin board I have pictures of my kids from holloweens past, pet pics and funny cards I recieved for my birthdays, among other things. When I glance up above my monitor I have to smile!
    Have a nice evening!

  2. I love all your mermaids... but that image on canvas is my favorite! Thanks for sharing with us on this Pink Saturday!

  3. You did very well with your mermaid feature. I have always been intrigued by them.

  4. wow these are beautiful! Here from Pink Saturday Link Up....

  5. Kim,
    I just love your posts, I just returned from days and days and miles and miles and yards and yards of the worlds longest yard sale. I have never
    seen so many hats. I have never bought so many hats. So many hats
    with velvet and chiffon flowers come see. They are at the Rare Bird.
    Waiting to fly away. Don't you just love it.