Monday, August 15, 2011

My First Bead Show!!

My Husband took me to a "small" bead show Saturday at the Nashville Fair Grounds! I was a little overwhelmed and all I kept hearing was "This is a small show. Just wait until the big show in October." I had a blast and bought some beautiful beads and findings! I`ll have to ponder a bit about the larger one to come!

I`m wearing my beautiful mermaid earrings my friend LuLu Kellogg made for me. I love them!


I left with a couple of bags full of gems and beautiful findings. I can see why some women spent a lot more than me. My favorites are the rubies and pink sapphires. Now, what will I make and when will I find time to play with them?.....


  1. Kim, You look lovely in your earrings. I have been determined to make you a gift and it just doesn't happen. Now we are off to Canada to celebrate our thirty-eighth anniversary. Do know that your precious gift greets me every morning and fills me with a lot of joy!
    Sending a big hug,
    P.S. Aren't those sales wonderful? I am just drooling, looking at your pictures!

  2. Kim. Bead shows are very addictive! You will have a great time with your new beads. They sound delicious!

  3. Hi Kim, those are lovely beads. My six years old daughter is very interested with beads.

    Thanks a lot for following, I am now following back!