Monday, January 24, 2011

A Lamp With Style.......

A couple of weeks ago I walked into a cold, drafty cluttered antique (junk) store. I had to crawl over all kinds of objects to find this rusty, shabby old lamp. Sitting in a dark corner all by itself, it was calling my name. My husband just looked at me ....but he gets me. I had no idea until I got it home that the base is marble and blown glass. Still, it was rusty... and that shade! It was sitting in the garage and every time I passed it I thought to myself, "What in the world am I going to do with that? Well, today I went to work. I striped the shade (it fell apart) and started cleaning the rust with CLR. Nope, didn`t work. Next I got out the old paint and dry brushed it wherever I saw rust! I saw a lampshade with lace tied around at another store, but it looked like someone cut an old curtain in strips. I wanted to use some laces I`ve just been looking at. So now I`ve tied all the laces and knotted some in between. A little shabby....chic! I plugged it in and crossed my fingers- I couldn`t believe it still worked!

So now I`ll be more careful not to pass by anything that is tattered and torn, rusty and old.... you never know what it might become!

(Maybe I`ll add some crystal prisms or rhinestone dangles just to jazz it up....or not)?


  1. Those are my favorite kinds of stores, where you crawl to find treasures, cute with the lace!


  2. Kim Your Creativity is Astonishing! I love everything you make! Thank you for the nice feedback too. I am glad you liked the items I sent. Hugs Teresa

  3. What a wonderful lamp! I love the way it turned out-so pretty!!


  4. I love crawling to find treasures. Luckily my 14 year old son wants to be a 'picker' when he grews up? Amibitous? IDK....but how much fun could we have together??? I adore your new treasure. It is everything you make.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this did a fantastic job!


  6. OOOOO! This made me gasp out loud! GORGEOUS!!!! No, make that SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!!


  7. Kim your blog is fabulous and I love your lamp project!!!


  8. I'm lovin' it! Going home to dig out my mother-in-law's old lamp right now!!! Thank you for sharing:)

  9. WEll Done! It is nice to see the possibilities in an old piece. Old cords and plugs can cause fires, I imagine you know about that.
    My huband has learned to trust me too when I do a thing over. You used such pretty lace!


  10. How cute!!! Oh my goodness! I adore that lamp. You are so creative. I would never have thought of that.