Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Perfect Find

I`ve been looking for a vintage hat stand for over a year. Every one I found was labeled NFS (not for sale). While in Dickson, Tenn. Friday I found this beauty at the very last Antique Mall. It was 20% off too!
Oh how I love the hunt and the moment you get to buy the perfect find.....

Now I can display three of my favorite hats any time of the year and the color that fits the season! These are three of my new pinks.
Maybe as I keep hunting I`ll find another one! (Fingers crossed)


  1. WOW Kim awesome find! they look WONDERFUL on there!

  2. I would have been squealing with joy over this find!!

    Love you!

  3. Kim,
    This is wonderful. I would have bought in in a second! I really would put it to good decorative use, too.. Both in my craft room and at my sales.

    We are in Palo Alto where Jud will have radiation. I was so grateful that you sent me the information for Bioessence and again, things all fell by the wayside with one more health concern to deal with Jud. I know I can find it on my blog, as you wrote a response and put the information in there. I have already forgotten. Is it a mineral formulation. I am hurting so much today and really need it right now.
    Thank you for being patient!

    We will have about two weeks before he has the actual radiation (today he has an endoscopy) and will get to go to Mesa to see Jud's family and up to northern California to see some old friends. We are delighting in the time together. It is very special.

    Big hugs,